BeMedWise launches 35th Annual Talk About Your Medicines Month

Medication adherence is a vital part of maintaining your health. This year, the Talk About Your Medicines Month theme is Medication Adherence – On track with your meds and your health. Our goal is to empower patients to maximize the benefits while minimizing the risks of the medications they are taking, and provide the tools they need to talk about their medicines.

Get The Facts

Education is vital to medication adherence. Patients are ultimately responsible for taking their prescriptions as directed, but healthcare providers can set them up for success and help avoid pitfalls through mutual understanding.


There are various barriers that contribute to nonadherence. Being able to identify these barriers is the first step in being able to overcome them for both patients and healthcare providers, including tools to help promote adherence.


Looking for more? We have tips and tricks for talking about your medicines.
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