About Us

About Us

Promoting the safe use of medicines through trusted communication for better health — Collaboration is our key

collaborationBeMedWise Mission: Promoting the safe use, storage and disposal of medicines for better health.

How we achieve our mission: BeMedWise, a program of the national nonprofit NeedyMeds, achieves its mission by providing vetted information on medication safety with a network of national and international partners.

Vision statement: Improved health outcomes through the adoption of responsible medication practices.

The BeMedWise Program at NeedyMeds seeks to build a broad-based network of national and international partners and stakeholders, including:

  • Consumer, patient advocacy, and voluntary health agencies
  • Organizations and state societies representing healthcare professionals and health educators; schools of pharmacy, medicine, nursing and allied professionals
  • National and international for-profit companies including pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Health-related trade associations
  • Local, state and federal government agencies

The BeMedWise Program is actively engaged with a wide variety of prestigious external organizations, including:

Our activities and program development are guided by these common values:

  1. To represent a wide spectrum of organizations serving the public health and develop consumer health education programs and community resources, serving as a trusted source of information on issues such as healthcare provider-patient communication, medication adherence, medication risk and error reduction, and prescription drug abuse prevention;
  2. To empower consumers to be more informed about and active in decisions affecting their use of medicines with actional health tips and specific questions to address with healthcare providers;
  3. To be a catalyst, convener, collaborator and clearinghouse for the development of innovative, useful, and scientifically accurate information and educational resources about safe medicine use that is disseminated through engagement with healthcare professionals and a wide variety of public and media-driven activities and initiatives.

Our history

The BeMedWise Annual “Talk About Your Medicines Month” (TAYMM) is an opportunity to spotlight healthcare issues impacting communities far and wide. For the past 34 years, TAYMM has chosen topics ranging from Think Before You Drink to Communication is Key to stimulate conversations between patients and their healthcare providers. The goal of TAYMM is simply better health outcomes through education. Scroll through to learn more and see how you can help spread the word!